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After thirty years in higher education, seven as college president, promoting healthy lifestyles through meaningful escapes and writing are my passions.  Over the past five years, I have spent considerable time traveling to Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama and Colombia.  Costa Rica and Colombia are my where my soul feels most at peace.  Recently I have spent time in China and the Philippines.  What i am discovering is that  when we travel we bring our bags with us. And I am not just talking about the bags we ask the airlines to check for us.  I mean we travel with our life stories, our soul journeys and the relationships that we have formed with ourselves and others.   This blog talks as much about the destinations of my travels in travel-speak as it does the journey my soul is taking from where I came from to where I am going.  All are linked in complex ways that I may, at times, struggle to capture.  So, this blog is also a life diary; always seeking to bring reflections that are inextricably linked to being a Black man raised in the United States of America.
My education includes, a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from West Virginia State College where I also majored in art.  I love the combination.  My Masters and Doctoral degrees, Counselor Education, are from the University of Pittsburgh.  Believing that institutions that can be the cause for the greatest of human dysfunctions, my studies focused on organizational development.
My work includes adjunct faculty appointments at:  Duquesne University, The State University of New Your New Paltz and Towson State University.  My work also includes service as: advisor to the American Council on Education’s Fellows Program; the American Association of Community Colleges Future Leaders Advisory Committee; faculty, the League of Innovation in the Community College’s Executive Leadership Program; faculty, the Community College Institute for Leadership Development (CA); and  facilitator/organizer for the President’s Roundtable Lakin Institute for Mentored Leadership, a national professional program for aspiring African American community college presidents.  I have published articles and presented to a variety of audiences on issues related to access and equity, workforce development and educational leadership.  My book entitled High School Is Not Enough: What Are you Going To Do About It will be published this summer (2012).

I have been blessed by recognition.  My passion for collaboration earned me The Friends of the Philadelphia Free Library “Behind the Scenes” Award.  Upon my departure from the City of Philadelphia, I was bestowed by Council proclamation with their prestigious Liberty Bell Award.  My efforts to better the lives of others led the Greater Baltimore Sertoma Club honored me with their “Service to Mankind” award.   I am a past member of the American Association of Community College’s Board of Directors, as well as their Commission for Global Education and Workforce Development Council, and past member of the American Council on Education’s Commission for the Advancement of Racial and Ethnic Equity in Higher Education.

I am currently a well-educated vagabond.

Posted May 5, 2011 by Wayne

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  1. Dr. Branch! You have moved to Latin America! What an adventure. I am a little envious. 🙂

    Delinda Frazier
  2. Dr. Wayne Branch nice to see you and enjoyed your article very much. great insight into people and have often thought of our time in Rand always with a smile…

    Malcolm Campbell

  3. Have asked some of our Rand friends about you from time to time and very proud to have grown up knowing you and have very fond memories of you and our time growing up…

  4. Wayne Branch….Doctor Wayne Branch…. Way to go. My Grandmother (Mrs Hunley) and I lived across Raven Drive from you and Mrs. Branch.
    Glad to find you well after all these years, and hear your enjoying life.
    Life is the one thing its impossible to ignore the expiration date on, so happiness is of the highest premium 🙂
    Stay well and happy..

    Jeffrey Lanham
  5. hola dr. wayne, excelente articulo sobre mi pais, como me alegra saber que personas como usted, tienen la oprtunidad de mostrarle al mundo, todas las cosas buenas que hay en colombia y que tenemos los colombianos.

    y esta es una invitación a todas las personas que quieran tambien venir y disfrutar de todas las cosas buenas que hay en colombia…. estoy segura que asi como el Dr. wayne… viviran una gran experiencia…


  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Hope to talk to you in the new year.

  7. Dear Brother of mine I knew that you were very intelegent but who figured that you would leave our quaint little town and go as far as you have and prospered and accomplished as much as you have I am so proud and PRIVILAGED TO have grown up with you BE SAFE MY BROTHER

  8. Dear Wayne, God is good and it’s been too many years…good to see your doing very well!

    Continued suucess on your journey!

    929 Cherokee Street

  9. Wayne,

    It was also a pleasure meeting you. Your blog is awesome and I love your about section. What you say about “soul is taking from where I came from to where I am going” is so true. Thanks so much for checking my blog out.


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